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    Aggregation over only one dimension.


      I would like to know if it is possible get a formula affected only on selections of one field.


      I´ve a table INVOICES with several fields (Dates, Customers, Amounts, Salesreps ...) in one sheet I have a list field on CUSTOMER with all of posible customers on invoices.

      Is it possible create a text field with the sum INVOICES.AMOUNT for all the selected CUSTOMERS but without considering the rest of the selections.

      With this data.


      INV-1, CUST-1, JAN, 1000

      INV-2, CUST-2, FEB, 2000

      INV-3, CUST-1, MAR, 3000

      INV-4, CUST-4, APR, 4000


      The total amount would be:

      Without selections = 10.000 (All of the invoices)

      If JAN is selected = 10.000 (All of the invoices , there is not selections on CUSTOMER)

      If select CUST-1 = 4000 (INV-1 + INV-3 are the invoices for CUST-1)

      If select CUST-1 and JAN = 4000 (INV-1 + INV-3 are the invoices for CUST-1 without considering MONTH)