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    Assign Variable value during Sheet Load

    Chandra Sekar J

      Hi All,

      I have created variable and assigned it to default value say A. On "Sheet1" it needs to have value as A. But on "Sheet2" it should be changed to B.

      Currently I am able to change variable value using "Sheet Navigation + Action"  extension. On

      • On Sheet1, it shows A. (default value set in variable editor)
      • On Sheet 2 when we navigate from Sheet1 to Sheet2 using "Sheet Navigation + Action" button, I can change the variable value to B

      But the problem I am having is if I open the Sheet2 directly, the variable has A as value instead of expected value B.


      Could you please tell me how to dynamically set variable value based on Sheet we are in. Can this be achieved using out-of-box Qlik functionality or is there any extension that can be used to achieve this.