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    Loading data from excel on sharepoint in qlikview

    priyanka n



      I want to load data from excel which is on sharepoint site (secured one) using sharepoint connector . Can somebody please guide how can we load data .


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          Darren Ball


          To get the file, you need to get it's UniqueID, which you can get in the following way...

          • Authenticate against your O365 Sharepoint instance
          • Run the 'ListFolders' table to list your folders and copy the "ServerRelativeUrl" value against the folder.
            • In my test instance the Excel file i want to get is in folder that's with the "Share Documents" folder, so i use this table again and enter '/Shared Documents' into the folder parameter and see the folder it's in. I then copy it's ServerRelativeUrl which is something like '/Shared Documents/my folder'
          • I then go to the ListFiles table and paste the folder's relative url into the Folder field and run the table
            • this then lists all the documents in that folder
          • Go to the GetFile table and use the UniqueID to run the table
          • As it's Excel, the preview in QWC will probably show you nonsense, but if you go to the QlikView or Qlik Sense tab there's a URL that you can copy and then use in QlikView or Qlik Sense App as a URL/Web File path
            • just follow the steps to get you data.


          I hope this helps and although it looks like a lot of steps, it's quite easy and once your application is set up is just a case of hitting reload.