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      I am trying to connect QV10 with the oracle 11g database. It is taking so much time for estabilishing the connection. And when i checked the process "Qvconnect.exe"  is taking more than 95% of the system process. What this Qvconnect.exe actually does. For estabilish the connection itself it took too much of time.

        • Qvconnect.exe
          Erich Shiino

          The QV connect is the engine on QV 10 that runs the connections, it allows the multi-thread reload job...

          The connections taking long is really strange.

          Which driver are you using? 32-bits, 64-bits? Native oracle driver or a microsoft driver for oracle? OLEDB or ODBC connection? Is your QV Desktop 32 or 64 bits?

          • Qvconnect.exe

            I have the same issue where Qvconnect64.exe is taking up too much CPU .. did you solve your problem?


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