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    Connection to alternative LDAP



      I got a request whether QlikView can read/use User information from an LDAP that is not a standard.

      This LDAP system is made by themselves. In my opinion a new DSP has to be programmed. Are there any limitations or requirements concerning programming a new DSP? And how much time does it approximately take to develop a DSP?


      Thanks in advance.


      Kind regards,

      Gert Jan

        • Connection to alternative LDAP

          Hi Gert Jan,


          Can't this be handled by the new 'Configurable LDAP' DSP in QlikView Server 10? As I understand from pages 128 - 130 of the QV Server Reference Manual, this DSP can read lists of users / groups from any LDAP server, as long as you properly configure which objects / properties should be read (allowing for other schemas than Active Directory).


          If you can use this DSP, it will save you the effort of writing your own DSP.




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              Rikab Kothari


              The QVW which tries to load the data from LDAP loads only the partial data frequently. We are unable to find the root cause of the issue as the QVW doesn't fails but it loads only the partial data.Can someone please help us to identify the root cause of the issue. It has been happening from quite a long time but we didn't succeed in finding the root cause of the issue. Hope someone can help us for the same.