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    QRS API Notification: Add event listener - Any examples out there?

    Richard Byard

      I'm trying to get a notification API call working but I'm seriously struggling with the lack of documentation around some of these APIs and no amount of guesswork is getting me to an answer...


      The about APIs call allows me to see all of the parameters that could be entered.


      "POST    /qrs/notification/?name={typename}&id={id}&filter={filter}&condition={condition}&changetype={changetype}&propertyname={propertyname}",

      Here is my example attempt to get something working using Postman



      Does anyone have any info that would help identify where I'm going wrong?


      Here is the help link... which isn't proving to be much help ;-)



      And a link to the only example I can find on Qlik Community but this is so old that this no longer works as far as I can tell

      Using Sense API to get notification when scheduled task fails


      ltu - Levi, you seem to be a go to person here, any thoughts?