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    Function STDEV.P() in KPI Chart

    Mart�n Caruso

      Hello good afternoon!

      I was needing to replicate the Excel STDEV.P () function in a KPI Chart.

      I have this pivoting table. I need to calculate in a KPI Chart the function STDEV.P () on the Totals line.

      Pivot table.PNG


      The Set Analysis that I am using is the following:



          sum({<[Status DESC] = {'Ended'}>} [Qty cert])

          , PERIOD, DESC, [Number ID], [N° Line])



      The value that the function gives me in Qlik is 25.40 and in Excel it is 78.42. The correct result is the one that you throw in Excel. Could anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

      I enclose the Excel so you can see the expressions for anything. I already appreciate any kind of help you can give me.