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    Left keep not working as expected

    Daniel Rodríguez

      Hello all. First of all thank you for your time.


      I'm sure there is something I'm missing, but left keep is not working as I expected. Let me explain:


      Let's say I have two tables:

      Table A:



      Table B:




      What I need? I need to load the first Table and then load the second table only when the name is on the table A.


      What have I done? I've loaded the whole table A. Then I use left keep as follow:


      Table B:

      Left Keep(Table A)

      Load *;Select * from TableB;


      So I got two tables, but it seems that the user A appears just once on the table B. If I use Left Join it works perfectly but I need to understand why left keep is not working, and also I prefer to have two tables instead of only one with all the information.


      Is there anyone who can help me?


      Thank you in advance










      I've found the solution, but I don't understand where was the issue...


      I forgot to mention that I had another table (With dates) between tables A and B, and I was using just "left keep". Now I've added "left keep (Table A) and it's working as expected...Does it make sense?


      Thank you!