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    Problem in loading data fields and reading content from a field containing multiple data points in JSON format

    Jani Henriksson

      Hi there,


      I have problem related to loading a field and using JSON "->>" syntax. Example:

      LOAD [id],


      SELECT "id",

                [json_data]->>'key1' as field_1,

                [json_data]->>key2' as field_2



      My question is that as I have several data fields within a single field  json_data, how can I add those to the available list in Qlik Sense.


      In order to do this I would need to use LOAD statement. But because I need to first read the JSON text with SELECT, I cannot normally do this.


      Yes, naturally there are some workarounds to create a separate table as part of the ETL process, but it would be nicer just to do this json reading part within Qlik.