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    I am very new to Qlik Sense. I have this data where I need to group each of the fields and measures (columns) into common categories and then present the data.

    Shubi Sharma

      Base Data (Uploaded in my App)                                    Calculated Data from Base Data (How to calculate this using Qliksense?)

      Office              Rating                                                    Office        Compliant       Non-Compliant      Compliant with Review Issues

      GTA                Compliant                                                 GTA                 1                           1                                0

      GTA                Non-Compliant                                         Montreal          2                           0                                0

      Montreal          Compliant                                                Vancouver       0                           1                                1

      Vancouver      Non-Compliant                                         Calgary            0                           0                                0

      Calgary          Compliant with Review Issues

      Vancouver      Compliant with Review Issues

      Montreal        Compliant


      Then I want to present the Calculated data in as a percentage in Qlik Sense Bar Chart.


      Can someone please explain me if this is even possible and how to go about it?