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    To delete tasks?

    Mats Sonefors


      I want to delete a distribution task i have created, in the enterprise management console.

      I don't only want to disable it, i want to delete it.

      There are more than one thread here on the subject, but they all seems to answer how to disable a task,

      regardless if the question was how to delete the task.


      (Yes, the task remains in the management console after I have disabled them.)


      Solution anybody?


      Best regards



        • To delete tasks?
          Brent Nichol

          Sorry if I've misunderstood you question, but you should easily be able to delete tasks from either the QEMC. 


          Under 'Documents' > 'Source Documents' > '{Server Name}' > '{Sub-folder}' > '{Task Name}'.


          Select the line with the task icon...


          not the task properties icon...



          On the far right side there should be a red X icon...

          redX.jpg This will delete the task.  You may need to scroll if the red X is not displayed.


          This will only delete the task and not the distributed documents.  Those will need to manually deleted.


          This should also work on the QMC.


          Hopefully this helps,


          • Re: To delete tasks?
            Vamshi Tataipelli

            I have an interesting question. I have created a task from source documents. But after some time, i have deleted the source document from the source folder. Now i see the task still under the status. Can i delete the task by any other way?