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    How to Sort master item and value

    scott wang

      Hi All,


      In Master Item:


      Two question:

      1.If we can not rename them ,I want to Sort :Year->Month

      2.For Month field, I want to sort from Jan to Dec,not A-Z.


      Any idea,thanks.

        • Re: How to Sort master item and value
          bhasker kumar



          You can sort Month by using Pick Match Functions(PFB) in Sortby Expresstion under the listbox property and then you can add this to master item.





          or you can achieve the same thing in backend- master calender using dual function PFB.

          Dual(YourMonthField, YourMonthNumber)

          I,e Dual(CalenderMonth, CMonth)

          where Cmonth is Month(TempDate) as CMonth,


          in a same way you can sort the year as well.

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          Bhasker Kumar