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    How do you write a where clause in data loader for excel file?

    Raymund Cruz

      I am getting no values when I run this query below.. Do you know what i am doing wrong on my script to the data loader?



      [Invoice Number] AS [GP ORDERNUMBER]

      ,[Customer Number] AS [GP STORENUMBER]

      ,[Capex Customer Number]  as [STORENUMBER]

      ,[Customer Name from Customer Master]

      ,[Invoice Type]

      ,[SOP Type]

      ,[Document Date]

      ,Year([Invoice Date]) AS [GP INVOICE YEAR]

      ,Month(([Invoice Date])) AS [GP INVOICE Month]

      ,[Invoice Date] AS [GP INVOICE DATE]

      ,[Invoice Number] AS [GP INVOICE NUMBER]

      ,IF(WILDMATCH([Invoice Number],'*-*'),'Core','Workplace') as [Core/Workplace]

      ,[Item Number] AS [INVOICE ITEM NUMBER]

      ,[Item Description] AS [INVOICE ITEM DESCRIPTION]

      ,[QTY] AS [GP QTY]

      ,[Unit Price] AS [GP UNIT PRICE]

      ,[Extended Price] AS [GP EXT PRICE]

      ,[Document Amount]

      ,[Address 1 from Customer Master]

      ,[Address 2 from Customer Master]

      ,[Address 3 from Customer Master]

      ,[City from Customer Master]

      ,[State from Customer Master]

      ,[Zip from Customer Master]

      ,[GPO] AS [GP GPO]

      ,[IDN] AS [GP IDN]

      ,[DEA Cert] AS [GP DEA CERT]

      FROM [lib://DS/Datasources\Invoices 2018.xlsx]

      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1)

      where [Invoice Number] like '%-%';