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    Tab Colors - Dynamic based on Text (KPI) {Need helpful}

    Anil Samineni

      Hello Helpers,


      I have 2 question's - In fact two are same but made it in same Thread


      1) I need one help to change BG color of Tab(Variable Extension). I have 6 KPI's and each KPI created First and Second values that means we have 2 measures. For first value we need to make it dynamic (RAG) for that we have use "Add Limit" future to make it dynamic. So, What i need here is If any KPI got Red or Amber or Green from the first part of KPI we need to change Tab color to Red which we selected of Tab. If Red is not there - Then KPI starts from Amber we need to make it as Amber for BG of Tab color. So, I need help to make in over load of BG color


      To speak - BTA here is "Changing color of tabs / buttons depending on changing color of numbers."

      2) Let's say that KPI holding numbers using above one if First and second is Last there we need to work it out ascending values like Red charts - Amber charts - Green charts

      To speak - BTA here is "Ordering of countries based on color: Red must appear first, then amber, then green"

      Ref - Image attached