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    Color by alternative dimension in QS

    haifeng zhao

      Dear all,


      Please help to check the case we faced.

      We have a Line chart that has 2 dimensions and 2 or more Alternative Dimensions and One Measure.

      Then We  put colour by dimension and we specify one dimension that is in your Chart.


      For example, we have 2 dimensions A and B, and we have 2 alternative dimensions C and D, then we want to set color by dimension, then we put color by dimension A, but once we selected C / D as dimensions,  Legend is always showing values for A what we set. We dont find any solution to set color by alternative dimension.


      So my question is that  we changed the alternative dimensions, the color legend still display the dimension specify in the color by dimension. Is it possible to color by alternative dimensions? Thanks.


      Best Regards,


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          omar bensalem

          Instead of using alternative dimension; I would suggest creating an island table using the inline load.


          Let me explain; let's assume u only have have 2 dimensions; one shown and one alternative; and each time you want to color by the present dimension.


          This is how this can be altered:


          1) in the script, create an inline table as follow:


          load * inline [

          DimID, Dim

          1, Dim1

          2, Dim2



          2) add this new created Dim field as a filter in ur dashboard.


          3) Now in ur chart,

          as dimension:

          if (DimID=1, YourDimensionA, YourDimensionB)


          and color by dimension


          Thtis way, every time you make a selection in the dimension you want to show; it would be colored by the selected dimension.


          Hope that was clear

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            Patrik Lundblad

            Hi Haifeng,

            If you use the April release (potentially February, I can't test right now) you will have the option of coloring by "relative dimension". Meaning if you pick color by Dimension 1 or 2 in this screenshot then it will always color by that what dimension is used in that position in the chart when the user switches among the alternative ones.

            Dimension 1 = Year (X-Axis)

            Dimension 2 = Country

            Relative dimension.PNG


            Best regards,