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    Customize numbers format and legend issue

    Lan Liz

      Based on the below image, I am having two number format issues when developing in Qlik Sense:

      1. Qlik Sense is not able to customize numbers format as done in Qlikview: I would like to have in the graph the numbers with M in currency and not having the annoying G (in case of displaying less than a M, K would show and later full number)
      2. There is a discrepancy between the number format of the legend and the graph. Graph numbers can be modified as money number inside measures and number format. However, when  I customize it inside the expresssion of colors and legend, it won't give format to the number (num($(Variable),'##.###0,00 €','-##.###0,00 €'))




      Thank you.

        • Re: Customize numbers format and legend issue
          Lan Liz

          At the end I was able to close the two points.


          SET NumericalAbbreviation='6:M;-6:M';

          I was able to avoid the G and K and display just millions.


          The orevious also fixed the discrepancy between the legend and the graph.


          The thing is that when I publish the app in the server (replacing the existing one) the data was not correctly displayed and was fixed uploading it as a new one. Don't know if this is a real issue of the QMC.