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    Can sheets be embedded using div integration

    Anders Nielsen

      I am new to Qlik Sense, and I have a general question about what is possible in terms of embedding sheets on an external website using div integration.


      I have a Qlik Sense server that is currently exposing apps with some graphs, filters etc. So far so good.

      The goal is to embed sheets on an external website hosted on a different web server. If I understand correctly, this would be pretty effortless using iframes and the single configurator.


      Alas, this is not an option for us since we have an addtional requirement to save filter values as a "favorite user preference" on the external site. This means using div integration, the only technical means that would allow us to intercept and save filter options.


      I have successfully managed to embed individual Qlik components from the same app using div integration, but I have yet to find a way to embed sheets. We would like to embed sheets rather than components in order to let Qlik users control the styling / component  layout on a given webpage without having to mess with code on the external website.


      Any thoughts on this?