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    Master dimension - Can we use set analysis?

    Shweta Sarda

      @Hi, !


      I am using line chart with two dimensions and one measure for rolling 13 months analysis. My chart works properly for displaying values but the color disappears when I choose the AsOfDate.Month filter.


      Details about chart,


      First dimension is :

      if([AsOfDate.MonthIndex]<= $(=Max("AsOfDate.MonthIndex"))and [AsOfDate.MonthIndex]>= $(=Max("AsOfDate.MonthIndex")-12),[AsOfDate.Month])


      Second dimension is: Master dimension Risk Rating where I have assigned colors for each Risk Rating.


      Measure: sum({<[AsOfDate.Month]=> } Exposure )  


      This gives me

      Last 13 months trending with proper values and colors. As soon as I select AsOfDate.Month filter, chart gives proper values but the color disappears.


      (This works properly if I use color by expression feature. But problem with this is No Legend display. So I want to use master dimension)


      So,I want to define master dimension as Risk rating with {<[AsOfDate.Month]=> } set analysis. I also want to use value colors feature for assigning colors to Risk rating.


      How can do this?

      Thanks in advance,