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    Defaulting to Current Month with option to Change Month

    Jordan Burns

      Qlik World,


      I have an expression for a simple bar chart: sum({<LastMonth={1}, BUDGET_ACTUALS={'BUDGET'}>} HEADCOUNT)


      This displays the budget of the previous month's headcount, but I am wanting to have it be where the deafult remains the same and allows for past months to also display.


      Two part question:

      1. How can I edit this expression to allow for this? I already have a month list box on the app, so that part is already done for once I can select a past month.
      2. Is there a way to make the title of the object dynamic? It is currently erroneously called Current Month Headcount since it defaults to that view, but once I select a past month, I would like for the title to dynamically become Monthly Headcount.


      Regards and many thanks,