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    Data model assistance

    Simon Larsen

      Hi all, I have a data model where i have following conditions; - Sales Data File     - Customer # Level 1     - Customer # Level 2     - Net Sales     - Sales Channel - Customer Classification File     - Customer #     - Class of Trade So two columns in sales data file that im trying to reference same column in an index file - because the data is mixed in the index file. In addition i need to look up class of trade dependent on the sales channel. I need to select following sequence: 1) If Class of trade = "Other" it needs to look up "Class of Trade" from "Customer # Level 2" column and 2) If Sales Channel = "Direct" it needs to look up "Class of trade" dependent on "Customer Level 1", 3) Otherwise look up "Class of trade" from "Customer Level 2" I've tried to solve it by duplicating the index file in the load editor and named Customer # differently - it works but it selects too many rows, so you need to delete those afterwards. Does anyone have a good (more pretty) solution for this? Best, Simon