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    Using a Separate File to Control Filtering

    Mark Perreault

      Hi All,


      I have created a QVD which is to be used by a series of end user's who at times will need to apply Where Clauses for 20+ values on a particular ID field.  I am trying to think of a way to allow them to do this without writing out a long Where (MATCH,ID,'1',....'20').  My initial idea was at the same time the QVD is created I created a CSV file with all values for the ID field and 'N' as Include.  See below



      Load *
      Resident test;

      Drop table test;


      Store Export [file.qvd] (qvd);


      Load Distinct


      'N' as Include

      Resident Export;

      Drop table Export;

      Store ID_Filters into [file.csv] (txt);


      This would allow End User to open the CSV file and for the ID's they want to include set the value to Y then when loading the QVD they would do.



      Load *
      From File.qvd(qvd);


      Inner Join(Table1)

      Load *
      From file.csv

      Where Include  = 'Y';


      The problem I am having is when I open the csv file in Exel and make any changes then save the CSV file it becomes one column.


      Does anyone have any other ideas of how to accomplish what I am trying to do?