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    Count If or Sum If values "Contain" text in a line chart

    preston lambeth

      Hello Community!  this is my first question/post, so I am super excited LOL!


      I have looked and looked but have not found the answer, so I felt it's finally time to break down and ask the question.


      I am trying to create a line chart or a bar chart, either or is ok with time series data and strings of text. The issue is that not all of my data values are equal.  A common string of text looks like this ("Shut down AV system left on after meeting").  I would like to filter only on data that contains 'left on' and then count how many times I see this "string" of text per month so we can trend/track a reduction in cases that we have to dispatch a technician to a site to turn off the audio-visual equipment.


      I have tried the following --> =count(if(match(close_notes, 'left on'),1,0)) but this is not giving me the return that i am looking for when i put this formula in the "measures" "label" formula section. It's actually giving me just the normal count of "close notes" the data set has


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      PLEASE HELP! and ++ Karma points if it works