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    storing system fields

    Angus Monro



      I'm doing some script debugging and want to dump the system fields to file so that I can inspect them.  The STORE statement requires a table name, but I've not found a respective system table that I could reference.  Anyone know of a way to do this?


      By way of background, my hand-me-down script has a DROP FIELDS statement with about 40 fields, and it's failing with the complaint that one of the fields is missing.  I quite like being able to insert a "tap point" into my scripts using STORE, so I can check what's going on (I suppose that otherwise, I'll need to thrown in an "exist script" and check it via GUI).



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          What i have understood from your question is you want to export the system fields to excel or text files?


          You could do it with post reload trigger.


          Create a pivot table with all sysyem field. Right click on sheet i.e. GUI and go to "New Sheet Object" --> "System Table". once you do this, write a macro to export this pivot table to desired loaction and map the macro to post reload trigger of Document Property.


          Sample Macro to export the data to excel.


          Sub ExportData()

          'on the place of "CH01" give your pivot table object id

          set obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH01")

          obj.ExportBiff "C:\test.xls"

          End Sub


          Hope this helps you.


          - Sridhar