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    SimpleFieldSelect extension...hiding un-selectable values

    Buddy Bains



      This question pertains to the custom extension SimpleFieldSelect. I originally posted it to that extension's Qlik Branch project, but I wanted to cross-post here since there may be a larger audience that could help out...


      I'm not able to use the "Hide items which cannot be selected" option. When I make a selection that makes one or more of the values in this extension not selectable, those values disappear, but the instantly re-appear. How do I use this option?


      My set up:


      My data model has 2 tables. First table is a list of data sets to analyze (specifically versions of demand and financial forecast plans). Second table is a list of units of measure to express the data set measures.


      Table 1

      Plan Version                    Plan Type

      Dec 2017                         Demand

      Jan 2018                          Demand

      Feb 2018                         Demand

      Current Finance Plan     Revenue


      Table 2

      View By Units                         Plan Type

      Pack Units                               Demand

      Bulk Units                                Demand

      Monetized Demand (USD)     Demand

      Monetized Demand (USD)     Revenue


      1st SimpleFieldSelect: tied to Table 1. Visualization type is Dropdown List. Default value set to most recent demand plan based on date (Feb 2018 in example)


      2nd SimpleFieldSelect: tied to Table 2. Visualization type is Standard HTML radio button list. Select only one is checked. Default value set to Pack Units. Hide items which cannot be selected is checked.


      What I want is if user selects a 'demand' plan from Table 1, then Pack Units, Bulk Units, and Monetized Demand (USD) would be visible. If user selects a "revenue plan", only Monetized Demand (USD) is visible.


      What happens is if user selects a revenue plan (Current Finance Plan in example), the 2nd SimpleFieldSelect hides Pack Units and Bulk Units as expected, but almost immediately they reappear with Pack Units re-selected as default and 1st SimpleFieldSelect changes back to its default selection.


      If a demand plan is selected in 1st SimpleFieldSelect, both objects work as expected and hold their user selected value.


      I have tried removing both default value settings, but this does not change the behavior when I select Current Finance Plan in 1st SimpleFieldSelect. 2nd Simple field select still briefly hides Pack Units and Bulk Units, but then un-hides them, and 1st SimpleFieldSelect changes from what I selected to no selection (since no default is defined).


      Thanks for  your help!