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    Color by measure (for calculated measure)

    erik anderson

      I am new to Qlik Sense, but an experienced Tableau user (among other tools). I am having a difficult time understanding colors. I have a bar chart with two measures for a single dimension. One measures is a calculated field, for I am limiting my data to a subset. Imagine the first measure is "myPercent" and the second measure is "USApercent." I now want to have a different color bar for these two measures.


      Under Appearance > Colors, my options are limited to single, multi, by measure, by expression.

      • Single - not appropriate
      • Multi - works, but how do I adjust the colors to something other than 12 colors or 100 colors?
      • By measure does not create a different color by measure. Instead, it creates a color scheme by dimension value and applies that to both dimensions.
      • By expression -- appears to be the proper option. However, I have not found a function that tells me whether this is measure_1 or measure_2


      There has to be a simple answer but I am not finding it in manual, videos, or google search. Thanks for your patience with a newbie.