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    Bookmarks in Qlik Sense

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      I am working on a dashboard, for a team of 3 analysts.

      They are expected to interact with it (adjust some variables via sliders or input boxes, see how these adjustments affect KPIs) and share the results that they see (selections + variable values) with other analysts, for further polishing and review.


      Is it possible to share/save "current selections" and "variables' states" and share these with other users who have access to that app/stream?

      It is critical for me to have the ability to share "variables" + "selections", as variables are used to optimize KPIs.


      Via Bookmarks? Or, is there any other way to accomplish this?

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          David Forest

          Not out of the box, bookmarks belong to a user and cannot be seen by others unless the user is the owner and publishes it with the application.

          Theoretically you could build a sheet that has the selection values and variable states that could be screen shot, so that the values are known, but the other users would have to make the same selections manually.