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    Security Permissions

    bhavani b

      Hi Experts,



      Can any one please help me on below requirement.

      I have developed On demand app generation Summary and Detail apps and published these two apps under one stream.

      The users got USER/POWER USER access do they require developer access as well to generate the on demand app.


      Please help me on this.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Abirami Palanisamy

          Hi Bhavani,


          No need to give developer access to the User's.

          Just add them to the stream and give them the access to all resources.


          Like, you might have created a multiple Data connections in the Detail app( Template ). User need access to the data connection to generate a report. So share only template app data connection access to the user.


          I hope this will help you....:-)

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              bhavani b

              Hi Abirami,

              Thanks for your reply.

              Suppose I have published Summary and Detail app in ODAG Stream and given access to the user with database connections access.

              Then when user click on ODAG button the detail app after doing selections from summary app then user can see the generated on demand app in the same stream if i mention the ODAG stream already in the button settings. Am i right.


              Please correct me if i missed anything.