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    Pie chart Issue

      Hi All,

            When I try to show the negative values in Pie chart it shows me an error

      "Positive and Negative values in chart".. Is there any way of shwing the negative values in the pie chart...


      Plz let me know if you have any answer for this...




        • Pie chart Issue
          Jonathan Dienst



          A pie chart can show all negative values, but only if all the values are negative. It cannot display a mix of positive and negative. A pie chart pretty meaningless when you have a mix of positive and negative values.


          If you must use a pie chart, you can modify your expressions like this:


          =RangeMax(your_expression, 0) to clip out negatives and display only positives

          =RangeMin(your_expression, 0) to clip out positives and display only negatives


          Hope that helps