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    Customuser Accesspoint deletion of Objects

    Sravan Puppala

      Hi Guys,


      I am using DMS authorisation only and the Customusers access through the accesspoint.

      They make there own sheets and sheetobjects(charts etc..)

      Sometimes unseen they lose the charts which they have made for themselves. I dont know whether they have deleted or it is somehow lost.

      This Problem has been rising once in a while and they ask me if I can restore...


      I see that through accesspoint I can actually save as a serverobjects(Personal and Shared)

      I thought this problem can be now solved by sharing with the other users and when I delete with my user, still it is available with other user.

      This is not the case. Did anyone of you have faced this problem. How is it solved.
      Any documentation about the Customusers usage of Accesspoint and the Advantages or Disadvantages?