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    Issue with Qliksense April-2018 (Version 12.6)

    Thanapat Supphathanthada

      Hi all ,


      I just update Qliksense server to from Nov-2017 to Apr-2018 because I want to solve some issue (Bug with dimension color)


      And I found some new problem.

      1) The default object has change! This is matter to me , Since the old version It was "Filter Pane" have to be default when you drag & drop Dimension to dashboard and it loading very fast. But in the new version The default object has changed to be like a table?? and loading time is so long. How to change the default object to be "Filter pane" ? this is a big problem to me and users.


      2) When perform reloading app, 3-7 times popup has showing in design page with message "Reload in progress". In the old version show once!


      3 The dimension color problem is still occur I think. When I create a bar chart with a measure and a dimension ,Let say I have measure "Revenue"  and "ProductClass1" as a dimension with colors configuration.  When I setting color from "Single color" to be "By Dimesion"
      It still not working the color was not showing correctly. It shown only the grey. And I found that I have to change dimension name from "ProductClass1" to be "Dimension 1" in set up list box? That's so strange .



      4) It look like Qliksense process have consume more memory 3x from the old version.


      Thank you in advance.