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    Onpostreload nested macro



      I have a question. I have two files let say File1 and File2. On File1 I have a macro Macro1 in which I call a doreload of File1. On File1 I have a macro Macro2 triggered to starton OnPostReload event.


      So this is my situation: I reload File1 which OnPostReload event launches Macro1: Macro1 does a "doreload" of File2 on which is set the trigger to run Macro2 on OnPostReload event.


      I hope I explain my situation.

      The problem is that Macro2 never start! File2 is reloaded and saved but doea not launch Macro2.


      Macro1 and Macro2 run without problems on each file.


      Is there a workaround to solve this?


      Thanks a lot!