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    Exclude items from straight table search

    Samuel Brown



      I thought this would be an easy thing to find out about, but I can't find anything!


      Just a simple example to work with here.


      LOAD * Inline [

      Food, Stock

      Apples, 26

      Pears, 45

      Cucumbers, 0

      Tangerines, 465

      Peaches, 35

      Melons, 0

      Oranges, 478

      Lemons, 0

      Tomatoes, 47

      Yams, 125];


      I create a straight table as a visualisation with 'Food' as a dimension and 'Stock' as a measure and set the limitation of "Stock > 0" so my resulting table will not have Cucumbers, Lemons and Melons. I've taken out Others.


      However, when I go to the search magnifying glass at the top of the table. The three items which I have asked to be hidden are still showing in the drop down box. So I can select Melons, but the resulting table will be blank.


      My question is, is there a way I can hide things from the search function, like I have with the table itself?


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