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    Pivot Table Decomposition

    Olivier d'Assier

      Hello all,


      I work in risk management where most of the data (i.e. Risk) is not additive, so we use group-by in excel to aggregate individual sources of risk into a portfolio risk summary report.  I've been trying to replicate the table format in Qlik using Pivot Table but with no success so far.


      I'm attaching an excel workbook with two sheets.  The first ("Source") is how we report this summary in excel (so you can see what I'm trying to replicate in Qlik).  The second sheet ("QlikDataModel") is my last try at building the data model for Qlik's Pivot table.  I'm not sure it is right but I've tried a lot of others and none have worked so far.  Right now there is only one dummy portfolio for one date in there but if I can get it to work then I'll add (much) more data. 


      I'm also attaching the Qlik app where I tried to make it work so you can see the problem I"m having (in case I'm just not using the Qlik Pivot table right).


      Any help appreciated.


      Olivier !