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    Mashup issue

    scott wang

      Hi All,


      I have a requirement in Mashup:


      two charts. When I select one value in the first chart, then the second chart will display and the first chart will hide.Of course,

      when I clear the selection, then just display the first chart.(like d)


      I used the below code:




      app.variable.getContent('vGetCountManu',function ( reply ) {

        var vChange=  reply.qContent.qString;


      if xxx


      then xxx






      },200);//If I set 2000, then it is too long.


      But the question is : if  the network is unstable or  we operate it  too quick.  the api app.variable.getContent can not get the variable value quickly, then first chart and second chart can not transfer quickly. So what shall I do? Or any idea? API?

      if  i do not use document.addEventListener('touchend',function(e)), any choice?

      Thanks very much.

      erik.wetterberg please help