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    Expression editor box limit issue and info bubble concern


      Hi All,


      I am using Geo analytics, and our client want me to display a customized info bubble on bubble mouse over.


      I have written some html and CSS to get this customized info bubble, but while writing I came to know that there is some character limit in infobubble expression box and due to that limit I am unable to do the customization suggested by client.


      Infobubble Window:




      My Popup Design:




      In this popup I want to put accordion layout, so that this scroll bar can disappear.


      Question No.1

      So can anyone suggest how to do that in Qlik sense info bubble? Or if we can increase the character limit somehow then I can create through Javascript?


      Question No.2

      As you can see in popup, there is scroll bar. To view the popup, I have to mouse over on popup then popup will be visible, or if I want to view the entire details or scroll, then I have to click on bubble, so that popup can stick to the map and we can scroll to view the data.


      How to do that?


      Help will be appreciated.




      Dilip Solanki