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    line chart having problems with results over more than 1 year

      hi guys,


      i have a line chart with a bunch of lines, 1 line that shows the overall view and the other lines being location-specific


      for the dimension, i am using work weeks. the work weeks is from a calendar table that specifies which week/month/year this particular day is. this table is connected to the date field, START_DATETIME, of other tables, such as UTILIZATION_WEEKLY. anyway, the expression for the dimension is simply =WORK_WEEK and WORK_WEEK is a column in the calendar table.


      this is the expression for the overall view line,

      =(sum({$<Site = >} UTILIZATION_WEEKLY.EQP_UPTIME)

      /sum({$<Site = >} UTILIZATION_WEEKLY.TOTAL_TIME))*


      /sum({$<Site = >} UTILIZATION_WEEKLY.EQP_UPTIME))*




      this is the expression for the location-specific view,



      /sum(if(Site='A', UTILIZATION_WEEKLY.TOTAL_TIME)))*


      /sum(if(Site='A', UTILIZATION_WEEKLY.EQP_UPTIME)))*





      i have a listbox that shows the current year and past 3 years so it's 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.


      whenever i select a single year, the graph works fine. however when i select more than a single year, some lines will start disappearing or stop/start randomly along the dimension.


      what could be the problem or how can i modify my expressions/dimensions to work better?


      thanks in advance


      PS: i will upload some screenshots to illustrate my problem when im able to as the place i am at now restricts uploads...