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    Fetch Custom group and stream access for Qlik sense Users

    Saikat Jana

      As per my requirement, I need to fetch the custom user group details and each users access to the corresponding streams in my dashboard. I tried the Qliksense rest API qrs/user/full and qrs/stream/full to meet my requirements. But in both API extraction, I am missing details,


      qrs/user/full: It doesn't give us the custom group details of the user.

      qrs/stream/full: it only gives who is the owner of the group, but it doesn't provide us information which users are having access to a particular stream.


      We can get this details Manually from audit for each user and each stream. But is there any API or automated process so that I can fetch the details via scripting dynamically and use them on my dashboard.


      Basically, I want the table like below,


      StreamUser NameUser Group
      ABCJohnFull User
      ABCMerryLight User
      DEFJohn Full User


      I would appreciate if anyone can suggest some idea to achieve this.