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    Akshay Mall

      I have a data set which contains a few attributes of certain cities. For eg, population, no of cars, area etc. In my design (mockup below),the page is split in two halves where one half would represent the figures of the home city and the other would represent that of the benchmark. The user has the option to select the home branch (one in count) and the benchmark (can be multiple).


      For the dataset, there is a single table which has the attributes of all the cities. Wanted to know how to go about doing this?


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          Mark Ritter

          Hard to answer without more information. 


          I think you would need to use Set Analysis to control what changes on each side based on the filter choices. 


          The 2 filters would need to be separate lists of cities so that you could specify in the Set Analysis.


          If you can provide more details about the data I can give you a better answer.

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            Bram Knuever

            You will need to use set analysis to have values for 2 different selections. and use a fieldlist or dummy table that is not connected to the data to select your home city.

            With the set analysis you then check what the homecity selected is and input that as set analysis to the calculations. for the other side you use normal sellections. Hope this was clear enough.