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    How to count working hours taken(8 hrs a day) time from Created and Resolved date ?

    shruti thakur



      It will be really helpful if anyone of you can help me. I am struggling to get it done from days.


      1. I need to find working hours taken taking 8 hrs a day

      2. Add new column having value Success and Breach on Severity field as mentioned below :


      CreatedResolvedCustom field (Severity)Interval (Timestamp#(Resolved,'DD/MMM/YY hh:mm tt') - Timestamp#(Created,'DD/MMM/YY hh:mm tt'), 'h') TIME RANGE
      12/Mar/18 3:22 PM12/Mar/18 3:40 PMS1-Critical01S1-Critical1 HRSUCCESS
      12/Apr/18 2:19 PM12/Apr/18 2:36 PMS3-Moderate02S2-Serious4HRSUCCESS
      11/May/18 11:19 AM11/May/18 11:36 AMS3-Moderate03S3-Moderate16 HRSUCCESS
      18/Apr/18 4:26 PM18/Apr/18 4:41 PMS4-Tolerable04S4-Tolerable16 HRSUCCESS
      13/Mar/18 12:32 PM13/Mar/18 12:46 PMS1-Critical05BLANKBLANKBREACH
      25/Apr/18 9:34 AM25/Apr/18 9:45 AMS3-Moderate06 >16 HRBREACH
      28/Mar/18 4:45 PM28/Mar/18 8:13 PMS3-Moderate3 **WORKING HOURS MEANS 9-5 PM 8 HRS A DAY