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    Orphan Records in Qliksense

    Samuel Washburne



      Hey again Sunny,


      This is more of a general question for Qliksense:


      Do you know of a workaround for dealing with measures against orphan records in Qliksense? For example, I have two tables that I have brought in and they are joined on a primary key. One table has over 13,000 records and the other has only 150. As you could imagine, this causes Qlik to generate orphan records (which appear as hyphens if you're looking at a table visualization) for thousands of records across multiple columns but obviously not the primary key column. 


      Now, if I create a KPI that does a Count(Primary_Key), it only counts the 150 records from the smaller table.Do you know why?


      Furthermore, is there a way to give those orphan records a meaningful value like 'No match' or some other string value?


      The best workaround I have right now is to merge the tables in Qlik, download them as an excel sheet, plot the null/orphan records and then re-upload that sheet as a new, merged table.