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    Help with qCalcCond on measure

    Danny Selgo

      Hello, I am trying to define a hyper cube, and I want to set a calculation condition on a measure. Right now I have the following:



      "qMeasures": [



         "qDef": {

         "qLabel": "Foo",

         "qGrouping": "N",

         "qDef": "Bar",

         "qNumFormat": {

         "qType": "F",

         "qnDec": 2,

         "qUseThou": 0,

         "qFmt": "0.0%",

         "qDec": ".",

         "qThou": ","


         "autoSort": true,

         "cId": "JXKjkd",

         "numFormatFromTemplate": true,

         "isCustomFormatted": false


         "qSortBy": {

         "qSortByNumeric": -1,

         "qSortByLoadOrder": 1,

         "qExpression": {}


         "qCalcCond": {

         "qv": "0"


         "qCalcCondition": {

         "qCond": {

         "qv": "0"


         "qMsg": {}






      I have other measures in my hypercube definition, but I'm setting the calc condition of this one to 0 to see if I can get it to stop displaying.


      I'm trying to create a pivot table with measures that will not calculate based on a variable I pass to qHyperCubeDef. However, when I set this measure to 0 to not calculate, the entire pivot table does not calculate. I get the following error in my console: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'qError' of undefined".


      If I exclude "qCalcCond" and "qCalcCondition", the pivot table works fine, but it still displays the measure I don't want it to.

      Am I just using qCalcCond wrong?