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    Bar chart scale in sensible fractions of an hour

    Wilfried landschuetz

      Dear all,


      if I have a stacked bar chart with a duration as the measure, and a range of the values from 0 to 1 hour, I would expect the labels on the axis to be something like 00:15:00, 00:30:00, 00:45:00, 01:00:00.

      However, it shows

      00:14:23, 00:28:47, 00:43:11.

      which correspond to numerical values of 0.0100, 0.0200, 0.0300, so this is why QlikSense does this strange tick marks, but for human reading, a axis label of 00:14:23 just hurts the eyes, and reduces the readability.



      Is there any way to fix the scaling for this stacked bar chart to 00:15:00 00:30:00 etc...?

      (I can convert that to minutes, obviously, but then I have decimal points in the formatting of displayed values, like 15.36, which is also not human eyes friendly...)