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    issue with NumericalAbbreviation

    arcondo dasilva



      I'm new to Qlik sense and I'm struggling to make it up and ready but seems I'm missing something except I checked the implementation of NumericalAbbreviation and for me it's Ok  but seems not working !


      Can someone tell me what I'm missing here ? thanks


      big _numbers_issue.png

        • Re: issue with NumericalAbbreviation
          arcondo dasilva

          Finally I get where the issue comes from :

          My db is a MS SQL 2017 and actual / Budget are defined as Money. When I went through the Data Manager I saw that my numbers are preceded by " ' ". I don't know why ??? The workaround I put in place is to create calculated field that force actual to numerical value by multiplying it by 1 and then of course NumericalAbbreviation worked fine.


          Any insight why in Qlik Sense my db money values are preceded by " ' " ?