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    Implementation of Section Access in Qlik Sense is not working

    Ipsita Mahapatra

      Hello Team,


      I an very new to Qlik and wanted to implement the section access security in one of my Qlik Sense App. I never did it in Qlik View as well. As far as learning from blogs and discussions and now I want to implement in one of my Project. I need your help and suggestions asap as because of work delivery.



      All Users mentioned in the ChildLevel field should be able to view the data of their respective level and the level lower to them.

      User hierarchy need to be maintained as NSM(higher)>DM>BM>TM(Lower)


      Steps I did:

      1. Created Section Access excel sheet.Attached

      SA screenshot.PNG


      2. Defined the field name as Upper in the data source file.


      Data Sreenshot.PNG

      Then Loaded the script.


      As I set myself as Admin but while opening the app it is showing me Access Denied.

      Can anyone correct me where I did the mistake. And let me know the correct script to achieve this requirement.


      I have attached a sample data file and section access sheet.