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    REST connector pagination for open data (odata) from Dutch Statistical Bureau (CBS)

    Leo Timmermans

      The Dutch statisticual bureau has a lot of data available and it's available as open data. When requesting data they have put a limit of 10.000 records in 1 request. I'm trying to figure out the pagination settings for the REST connector, but haven't managed to get it working.

      I can request the data in xml or json format. For example request of the first 10.000 records for a the subject I'm looking at:

      for xml:  https://opendata.cbs.nl/ODataFeed/odata/83765NED/TypedDataSet

      for json: https://opendata.cbs.nl/ODataFeed/odata/83765NED/TypedDataSet?$format=json

      At the bottom of both responses I can find a new url directing me to the same url, but including "&$skip=10000".

      So I guess I need to use the NextUrl pagination type. But I can not get it to work.


      Hoping to find the solution here (or at least some helpfull pointers).