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    How to identify largest category and value?

    Virginia Slavin

      I have a list of products, A - X that are sold at various prices.  My table consists of records of each sale:


      Sales Table:

      Product          Location          Amount

      A                    OK                    4.56

      A                    LA                     12.45

      B                    KS                    5.00

      B                    MI                      3.75

      ... and so on.


      I have a pareto chart drawn, but I want a Text Box that says (for example):


      Top Product

      Product A, $25 total spend


      I am able to get Product A using:



      But I don't know how to pull the summarized value for the top product.  In other words, I can generate the Top Product = Product A, but I can't generate the $25 Total Spend part of the summary.


      Any ideas?