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    How to get other Information than Dimension, Formula, etc...

    Tim Tenelsen

      Dear All,


      I am looking for a way to get some more User Input in my Properties.qvpp.


      I learned that I can store Information like a URL, some Text or a Number with


      <input style="width: 200px" avq="edit:.Chart.Text.0.Content" />


      in properties.qvpp and get the Information in my script.js like this:


      var URL = this.Layout.Text0.text;


      Unfortunately a second URL, etc. cannot be stored here:


      <input style="width: 200px" avq="edit:.Chart.Text.1.Content" />


      and used in the script like this: var URL1 = this.Layout.Text1.text;

      (or maybe I am doing it wrong).


      A combination of several Chart.RefValue definitions seem to work

      in the properties.qvpp but I don`t know how to get this into a variable

      in my script (var URL1 = this.????.RefValue1.text;).


      So, what ist the right way to get this kind of information and use it in the script?

      Is there any other documentation than qvpp.htm and qvprops.htm??


      Thanks a lot und schönen Gruß aus Berlin