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    REST Connector response is URL with JSON file

    Gert van der Jagt

      Dear All,

      I am using the Freshdesk API to import data into Qlik Sense.

      In Qlik Sense, I have set up a REST Connector with the API link, username and password.


      The response from the API is an URL https://Freshdesk.com/reports/scheduled_exports/8675131525/download_file.json

      the URL changes every day.

      Currently the only thing I see is, the URL in my data, but I would need to load the data from JSON file.


      Can someone help me with a script to load the url from the api and import then the JSON file?




      below main script:






      FROM JSON (wrap off) "export";



      LOAD [created_at] AS [created_at],

      [url] AS [url]

      RESIDENT RestConnectorMasterTable;



      DROP TABLE RestConnectorMasterTable;