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    Difference Section Access User and Admin - QlikSense

    Oliver Hartmann

      Dear Community,


      There is no urgent need for this question, just out of interest.


      I was setting up a data reduction for an app, and once again I was asking me if there is still any use or purpose of the field "ACCESS". I do not see any purpose of this fields regarding Section Access in the QlikSense environment.


      Qlik helps says:

      Access to Qlik Sense apps can be authorized for specified users or groups of users. In the security table, users can be assigned to the access levels ADMIN or USER. If no valid access level is assigned, the user cannot open the app.

      A person with ADMIN privileges has access to all data in the app. A person with USER privileges can only access data as defined in the security table


      I made a test, but even if I set the ACCESS field to "ADMIN" the data reduction will still be made. That's why i do not see any puropse of the field "ACCESS"  in the QlikSense environment. In case you still see any use case of this field, please let me know : ))