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    Understanding Schduling using multiple triggers

    Ro Bo


      I'm looking to get clarity on how Qliksense (FEB18) QMC handles a scheduled task when the trigger consists of five "Task successful" conditions.


      Between 03:00 and 07:00 daily I have five tasks that create QVD files (originally for different apps but now I have an app that will use all of them).  I need my app that uses these QVDs to be reload daily, but only if all five have been created successully that same day.


      In the absence of "and/or" logic I'm unclear how the QMC Task will behave with this arrangement below.    For example, will it reload the app each time one of the QVD files is created presuming that the other tasks remain marked as "successful" from the previous day?   Or will it reload once when the final QVD has been created successfully?